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Southpaw Stories w/ Reid Detmers

To be completely honest, I almost didn't want to even ask Reid to come on. I'm not even sure he qualifies as a grinder, I mean the guy spent like 2 seconds in the minors. Even those two seconds were in double and triple A, the guy was just straight up made for the pros. Reid made his debut less than a year after getting drafted and never looked back. He pitched 20.2 innings with a 7.40 ERA before an injury derailed the rest of his season. Nonetheless, Reid is primed to compete for a spot in a rotation that could feature Shohei Ohtani and Noah Syndergaard.

Reid and I played together in the Summer of 2019 with the Collegiate National Team, where we played 5 games series against the Cuban, Taiwanese, and Japanese National teams, with the latter two in their respective countries. We talked about that and how that schedule set us up for what was to come in pro ball. We talked about what it was like playing overseas in places where baseball is viewed in much different ways. From live bands, to pregame meals, to brutal travel, the Asian baseball tour definitely required us to build some toughness

We then talk about Reid's experiences so far in pro ball. We talk about his time at the alternate site and his brief stint with the Trash Pandas (all time name). What we were really looking forward to was talking to him about what life in the show is like. We ask him all the important stuff, like food, travel, and show life. He also talks about his debut and how his legs were shaking so bad he thought he might get a balked called on him. That can be seen here

Like I mentioned earlier, Reid hopes to roll into spring training and earn a spot in the Angels rotation this year. He's now a DNR athlete, so we definitely like his chances.

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